How to Copy, Share Whatsapp Channel invite Link?

Whatsapp Channels is the new features on WhatsApp. You can create new Whatsapp Channel and add thousands of followers or members for free. You just need to share and invite members by sharing the channel joining link with them. This will help you to gain channel followers.

So recently, if you created a new channel and want to know how to copy, share the Whatsapp Channel invite link then you have visited the right place. Because here below we are going to share a guide to invite all your friends, family, fans to the channel.

Copy, Share Whatsapp Channel invite Link

How to Copy, Share Whatsapp Channel invite Link?

1. Firstly, open your created Channel

2. Now Find the option “Invite via the link“

Create Whats Channel Link 3

3. Simply tap on the Invite via the link and you will find your link

Create Whats Channel Link 4

4. Select the option “Copy link” and you have successfully copied your channel Link

5. Now you can share it with anyone and or anywhere to get members into your channel.

6. That’s It.

Now you can add thousands of members to the channel and gain millions of active followers easily.


Here above we have a steps by step guide to Copy, Share Whatsapp Channel invite Link to add followers. By using the invite link you add anyone, from anywhere easily. So share this article with your friends, family to help them and comment down if you have any query regarding this.

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